Notes on the video cassettes, Notes on the lcd screen, About moisture condensation – Sony DSR-45/45P Manuel d'utilisation

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Chapter 7




Chapter 7 Maintenance

After using a tape prone to clog the heads

After using such a tape causes the symptoms
illustrated below, clean the heads.

When the symptoms caused by clogged video
heads appear

Even if you clean the heads periodically, clogging of
the heads may occur anyway. Clean the heads when:
• mosaic-pattern noise appears on the playback picture.
• a part of the playback picture does not move.
• playback pictures do not appear.
• playback audio is interrupted.

To use the cleaning cassette

Refer to your cleaning cassette’s instruction manual.

Cleaning cassettes are replaceable. The number of
times you can use the cassette is specified in the
cassette’s instruction manual. After using the cassette
that number of times, buy an optional DVCAM
cleaning cassette or a Sony Digital Video Cleaning

After prolonged use, the video heads may become
worn out. If optimum picture quality is not restored
even after you have cleaned the video heads with the
cleaning cassette, the video heads may have worn out.
In that case, you have to replace the video heads with
new ones. Please consult your Sony dealer.

Notes on the Video Cassettes

If the cassette memory function does not work

Reinsert the cassette a few times. The terminal portion
of the cassette may be dusty or dirty.

Cleaning the terminal

If the terminal of the cassette gets dirty, or dust sticks
to the terminal, the unit may not work correctly.
Clean the terminal with a swab once every ten times
you eject a cassette.

When affixing a label to the cassette

Be sure to affix a label only on the correct location so
as not to cause malfunction of the unit.

After using a cassette

After use, please be sure to rewind the tape completely
(to prevent picture and sound distortion). Return it to
its case and store it in an upright position.

Notes on the LCD Screen

The LCD screen is manufactured using high-precision
technology. The ratio of effective pixels is 99.99% or
more. However, there may be some tiny black points
and/or bright points (red, blue, green or white) that
constantly appear on the LCD screen. These points do
not affect the recorded picture in any way.
Do not place this unit with the LCD screen pointing
toward the sun. Otherwise, the unit may be damaged.
The backlight used in the built-in LCD monitor
deteriorates with prolonged use. If the brightness of
the LCD monitor cannot be adjusted, consult your
Sony dealer.

To clean the LCD screen

To remove dirt or to clean fingerprints from the LCD
screen, use an LCD cleaning kit (not supplied).

About Moisture Condensation

If the unit or cassette is brought directly from a cold to
a warm location, moisture may condense inside or
outside the unit or tape. If you use the tape or video
heads in this condition, the tape may adhere to the
head drum, and the video heads or the tape may be
damaged, or a malfunction may occur.


Symptoms caused by contaminated video heads

If these pictures appear on the
screen, use the cleaning cassette.

Normal picture