Settings for playback, Playback procedures – Sony DSR-45/45P Manuel d'utilisation

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Chapter 2

Playback and Recording



Chapter 2 Playback and Recording


• If you connect the input connectors of this unit to the

output connectors of a recorder or that of a monitor, a
humming noise may be generated or the image may
be distorted. If these phenomena occur, perform one
of the following:
– Set EE/PB SEL on the DISPLAY SET menu to PB.
– Set the INPUT SELECT selector to a position

where a signal is not currently being input.

– Disconnect the cables.

• Text data (time code, warnings, menus, etc.) are

superimposed only on the MONITOR VIDEO output.

• To play back in synchronization with the reference

video (black burst) signal, set EXT SYNC on the
VIDEO SET menu to ON.

Settings for Playback

Preparation on the player (this unit)


Power on the video monitor, then set the monitor’s
input switch according to the signals input.


Set up the recorder.

For details, refer to the instruction manual of the


Turn this unit on.

Playback Procedures

This section describes the procedures used to play
back a tape and send signals to another VCR. For
details on the procedures required when using a
computer as a recorder, refer to the instruction manual
of your computer or the user’s manuals of the software
installed on it.
When controlling this unit from an editing controller
connected to the RS-232C or RS-422A connectors, see
“Chapter 3 Using the Unit as a Player in an Editing
System” on page 46 (GB).
For details on the input and output of the wide-screen
aspect ratio information, see “Notes on Wide-screen
Aspect Ratio Information” on page 103 (GB).


After checking the tape for slack and confirming
that the q indicator is off, hold the cassette so
that the tape window is facing upward, then insert
it into this unit.

The cassette is automatically loaded into the unit.

For details on checking the tape for slack, see “Notes
on Video Cassettes” on page 30 (GB).
For details on inserting a cassette, see “To insert a
cassette” on page 31 (GB).


Do not insert the cassette forcibly. The unit may be


Press the PLAY button on this unit.

This unit starts playback.

To stop playback

Press the STOP button on this unit.

To pause playback

Press the PAUSE button on this unit.


• When this unit plays back a part of the tape where the

recording format has been changed between the
DVCAM format and the DV format, the picture and
sound may be distorted.

• The unit can play back only tapes recorded in the

DVCAM format or in the SP mode of the DV format.