Chapter 2 playback and recording, Notes on video cassettes, Playback and recording – Sony DSR-45/45P Manuel d'utilisation

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Chapter 2

Playback and Recording

Chapter 2 Playback and Recording



Playback and

Notes on Video Cassettes

Usable cassettes

Use Standard-DVCAM cassettes or Mini-DVCAM
cassettes with this unit. The PDV-184 can record
programs for 184 minutes and the PDVM-40 can
record for 40 minutes (DVCAM format).
You can get the highest quality pictures with this
digital videocassette recorder using DVCAM cassettes.
Using other cassettes does not ensure sufficient
reliability. We recommend using DVCAM cassettes so
that you can record your one-time events in the highest

DVCAM cassette

Mini DVCAM cassette

Cassette memory

Cassette memory is an optional feature that is mounted
on some Standard DVCAM cassettes and Mini
DVCAM cassettes. When you record a program, the
recording date and time, and the programs’ position on
the tape are stored in the cassette memory so that you
can quickly locate the program later on.

on a

cassette indicates that you can use the cassettes to store
up to 16 kbits of data. On this unit, you can use
cassettes on which up to 16 kbits of data can be stored.

To save a recording

To prevent accidental erasure of a recording, slide in
the REC/SAVE switch on the cassette so that the red
portion becomes visible. To record on a tape, slide out
the switch so that the red portion is hidden.



REC/SAVE switch

Set to SAVE.