Troubleshooting – Sony DSR-45/45P Manuel d'utilisation

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Chapter 7


Chapter 7 Maintenance




When you set the INPUT LEVEL selector:
• You do not know how to adjust the input


• The recorded level is too low.
• The recorded sound is distorted.

Confirm the level of the sound output from the player by referring to the player’s
instruction manual. According to that output level, set the INPUT LEVEL selector
on the rear panel of this unit so as to obtain an optimum level. If you are not clear
about the player’s output level, try the following procedure.


Specify the output level by types of audio output connectors available on the
• If the player is equipped with phono jacks: Set the INPUT LEVEL selector to


• If the player is equipped with XLR connectors: Set the INPUT LEVEL

selector to +4 or –2.


Set the AUDIO INPUT switch on the front panel to MANU and adjust the
AUDIO REC LEVEL control knobs to a median value. Then, play back the
tape which you intend to use for playback. When the playback audio level is at
its maximum, if the audio levels meters exceed 0 dB, set the INPUT LEVEL
selector to the lower step (+4 or –2) or turn the AUDIO REC LEVEL control
knobs to adjust the recording level. The recorded sound at the portion where
the meters exceed 0 dB will be distorted.

The unit does not function as part of a
digital non-linear editing system.

• The INPUT SELECT selector is set to a setting other than DV.


Set it to DV.

• The editing controller or the editing software is not compatible with this unit.


Refer to the instruction manuals of the controller or the software and consult
their manufacturers.

An editing point cannot be located using
an editing controller connected to the RS-
422A connector.

• Set FF/REW SPD on the VTR SET menu to SHUTTLEMAX. If this item has

been set to FF/REW, some editing controllers that are not compatible with the
rewinding / fast-forwarding speeds of this unit may not be able to locate an
editing point.

• If the tape has a portion where the time code is not continuous or is not

recorded, an editing point may not be located.

• This unit only can edit using the time code. If you choose to edit using the CTL

signal, it may not be possible to locate an editing point.

• If you use a PAL formatted tape in the DSR-45 (or use an NTSC formatted tape

in the DSR-45P) or a tape with both NTSC and PAL color system recordings, it
may not be possible to locate an editing point accurately.

No picture on the LCD monitor.

The CHARACTER DISPLAY (LCD) selector has been set to ON (BLACK BACK).


Set it to ON.

The unit cannot be operated using a
device connected to one of the connectors
in the remote control section.

The setting of the remote selector is not appropriate.


Set the remote selector

according to the connector you are using. If the unit cannot be operated even
though the remote selector is set appropriately, press the RESET button located
on the bottom of the unit. However, if you do this, the time set in the internal clock
and the time code of the FREE RUN setting will be initialized.