Displaying various data, Audio screen – Sony DSR-45/45P Manuel d'utilisation

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Chapter 1


Displaying Various Data

Chapter 1 Overview


Index indicator

Displays INDEX MARK when an index has been


Caution indicator

Displays a caution.

For details on cautions, see “Alarm Messages” on page 97


PAL (DSR-45)/NTSC (DSR-45P) indicator

DSR-45: Appears for five seconds when you play

back a PAL formatted tape.

DSR-45P: Appears for five seconds when you play

back an NTSC formatted tape.


DVCAM/DV indicator

In the EE or recording mode, displays the recording
format selected in REC MODE on the VTR SET
menu. During playback, displays the recording format
of the picture.


Audio mode indicator

In the EE or recording mode, displays the audio mode
selected in AUDIO MODE on the AUDIO SET menu.
During playback or audio dubbing, displays the audio
mode recorded on the tape. When you input a signal to
the DV jack, displays the audio mode of that signal.


Input signal indicator

Displays the INPUT SELECT selector setting.


NS (Non standard) audio mode indicator

This item is shown when a tape recorded in the unlock
audio mode is played back or when an unlock mode
signal has been input to the DV jack. In EE mode,
when REC MODE in the VTR SET menu is set to DV
SP, this item is always shown.

For details on the unlock mode, see “Compatibility of
DVCAM and DV Format” on page 101 (GB).

Audio screen

To display the audio screen, set the DISPLAY
SELECT selector to AUDIO. You can confirm or
adjust the audio levels and confirm the audio input
signal settings on this screen.

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CH1 ||||||||||||||||||·|··· ·

CH2 |||||||||||||||||·|···· ·

CH3 ||||||||||||||||||||||| |

CH4 |||||||||||||·|········ ·

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Audio levels

Displays the audio levels for each channel
independently. When the audio mode is FS32K, the
audio levels of four channels, channel 1 to 4, are
displayed. When the audio mode is FS48K, the audio
levels of channel 1 and 2 are displayed.
The unit detects the audio mode as follows.

In the playback mode: Detects the audio mode

recorded on the tape.

In the recording/EE mode: Detects the selected

audio mode in AUDIO MODE on the AUDIO
SET menu.

When the INPUT SELECT selector is set to DV

and a DV signal is being input: Detects the
audio mode of the signals being input. (The
setting of AUDIO MODE on the AUDIO SET
menu becomes invalid.)

In the EE, recording, or audio dubbing (only the audio
dubbing channel) modes, if the input levels exceed
0 dB, the portions of the meters that exceed 0 dB turn
to red. During playback, while DV signals are input or
the AUDIO INPUT switch is set to AUTO, those
portions of the levels meters do not turn to red.


Audio dubbing symbol

This symbol appears associated with a channel on
which you can dub sounds.
Appears when:
• a tape is being transported and pictures are displayed

on the LCD monitor or on an external monitor.

• the unit is in the stop mode, a signal other than DV is

selected, and you press the AUDIO DUB button.