Sony DSR-45/45P Manuel d'utilisation

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Chapter 1




Chapter 1 Overview


TC (time code) connectors (BNC-type)

Used to input or output time code.

TC IN (time code input) connector: Connects to the

time code output connector on external devices
such as a time code generator or a VCR. Use this
connector to synchronize the internal time code
generator of this unit with an external time code.


The unit can read the time code input to this
connector only when the time code is output at
normal play speed.

TC OUT (time code output) connector: Connects

to the time code input connector on external
devices such as a time code reader or a VCR.
The unit outputs the time code depending on the
operating state as follows:
Playing: The time code on the tape is output.
Recording: Either the time code generated by the

internal time code generator or the time code
input from a device connected to the TC IN
connector is output.

For details, see “DSR-45/45P time codes” on page 63


If JOG TC OUT on the TC/UB SET menu has
been set to ON, the time code is output during
search mode, but the output time code is not


DV jack (4-pin)

Used to input/output the digital signal that complies
with the i.LINK standard (Recommended cable: VMC-
IL4415 (A), VMC-IL4615 (A)). Use when a device
connected to the unit has a DV jack. If you connect the
unit and another device using DV jacks, you can
minimize deterioration of picture quality during
recording, dubbing, or capturing still pictures, all by
means of digital signal processing. For details, refer to
the instruction manual of the external device.


• If video signals have been input to the DV jack and

you output these video signals to the MONITOR
connectors, the sync and burst of the corresponding
EE pictures are not synchronized.

• i.LINK and the i.LINK logo “ ” are trademarks and

indicate that this product is in agreement with IEEE
1394-1995 specifications and their revisions.

• This jack can accept only DV signals.
• If the unit is connected to a device equipped with a 6-

pin DV jack, when you intend to disconnect or
reconnect the DV cable, turn off the device and pull

out the plug of its power cord from the AC outlet
beforehand. If you connect or disconnect the DV
cable while the device is connected to the AC outlet,
high-voltage current (8 to 40 V) is output from the
DV jack of the device to this unit, which may cause a

• When connecting a device that has a 6-pin DV jack to

this unit, first, connect the plug of the cable to the 6-
pin DV jack.


AC IN connector

Connects to an AC outlet using the supplied power
Even if the unit is in the standby mode, it consumes
power. To turn the unit off completely, pull the plug
out from the AC outlet.


CONTROL S IN jack (stereo minijack)

Connects to the Remote Control Unit (DSRM-20, not
supplied) for controlling this unit.


• When using the Remote Control Unit (DSRM-20, not

supplied), set COMMANDER on the OTHERS menu

• If the REMOTE/LOCAL switch is set to REMOTE,

the control of a device connected to the CONTROL S
jack is restricted by the setting of LOCAL ENBL on
the REMOTE menu.


MONITOR jacks (phono jack)

Output video and audio signals for monitoring.

MONITOR VIDEO jack: Outputs composite video

signals. Connect the input jack of an external
monitor to this jack. When you set the
switch on the front panel to ON, data items such
as time data, menus or alarm messages are
superimposed on the external monitor.

For details on the superimposed data items, see
“Displaying Various Data” on page 27 (GB).


• When video sync signals of the EE pictures output

from the MONITOR VIDEO jack, sync and burst are
not synchronized.

• The video signal output from this connector is not

synchronized with the video signal output from the
line-out connectors (COMPONENT OUT, S VIDEO
OUT, VIDEO OUT). When the unit is in the EE
mode, the output pictures are delayed by several
lines. When played back, the picture is not exactly
externally synchronized — only vertically
synchronized. You cannot adjust the sync and
subcarrier phases.