Playback – Sony DSR-45/45P Manuel d'utilisation

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Chapter 2

Playback and Recording

Chapter 2 Playback and Recording


Auto Repeat using an external AC timer

If you connect an external AC timer (not supplied) to
this unit, you can repeat playback automatically at a
preset time.


Connect this unit to an external AC timer (not


Set the TIMER selector on the front panel of this
unit to REPEAT.


Set the starting time on the external AC timer.

At the preset time, the power of this unit turns on,
and after a few seconds (no more than 30), Auto
Repeat playback starts automatically. The unit
repeats the playback from the beginning to the first
index (if there is no signal for Index search on the
tape, to the next unrecorded portion; if there is no
unrecorded portion, to the end of the tape).


• The unit cannot detect a signal for Index search or an

unrecorded portion within 20 seconds of the
beginning of the playback.

• When you intend to turn the unit off, press the STOP

button on this unit to stop the tape transport operation
beforehand. If you turn the unit off while a tape is
running, for example, by using an AC timer, the unit
or the tape may be damaged.

• The editing software used on the digital non-linear

editing system may mark an index signal on a tape
itself. Therefore, if you use a tape on which signals
transmitted from a digital non-linear editing
controller are recorded or a copy tape made from one,
using digital dubbing, Auto Repeat may not be
performed correctly.

DSR-45/45P (rear panel)

AC timer

to an AC outlet

To stop Auto Repeat

Press the STOP button on this unit.

To release the Auto Repeat mode

Set the TIMER selector on the front panel to OFF.