Power and sound controls, Power, Volume – Panasonic CQ-DPX33 DP22EUC Manuel d'utilisation

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Power and Sound Controls


If the car is not already running, turn the key in the ignition until

the accessory indicator lights.

Press [PWR] to switch on the power.
Press [PWR] again to switch off the power.

When power is turned off while the time is displayed, the clock

mode remains on. When the [PWR] is pressed again, the system
is completely off.
Note: When a CD is inserted with all power connected, the unit
power will automatically turn on and CD loading begins and plays.


• Press [A VOL] or [v VOL] to increase or decrease volume.

M n»



u n


Volume Level
(0 to 40)

• Press


VOL] or [v VOL] for more than 0.5 second to

change numeric levels on the display rapidly.


• Press [ATT]. Volume will decrease to about Vio of its previous


• Press [ATT] again to deactivate when listening at normal


Tone Enhancement

Press LOUD [L] to enhance bass and treble tones when listening

at low or medium volume. Press LOUD [L] again to deactivate.

Note: This unit is equipped with an anti-volume-blast circuit which serves as an automatic vol­
ume level adjuster so that you will not be deafened sudden loud volume.

This system operates as follows. When [PWR] is switched on, the volume level is low. After
that, the volume level gradually returns to its previous level prior to switching off the unit.