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Page 18: Installation guide, Continued) □ connect all leads

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Installation Guide


□ Connect All Leads

Now that you have identified all the wires in the

vehicle, you’re ready to begin connecting them
to the stereo unit wires. The connection dia­
gram Page 22) shows the proper connec­
tions and color coding of the leads.
We strongly recommend that you test the unit

before making a final installation.

You can set the unit on the floor and make
temporary connections to test the unit. Use
electrical tape to cover all exposed wires.

Important: Connect the red power lead last,

after you have made and insulated all other


Connect the black ground lead of the power
connector to the metal vehicle chassis.

Connect the speaker wires. See the wiring dia­
gram Page 22} for the proper hookups.

Follow the diagram carefully to avoid damaging

the speakers and the stereo unit.
The speakers used must be able to handle

more than 40 watts of audio power. If using an
optional audio amplifier, the speakers should
be able to handle the maximum amplifier out­
put power. Speakers with low input ratings can
be damaged. Speaker impedance should mea­
sure 4-8 ohms, which is typically marked on

most speakers. Lower or higher impedance
speakers will affect output and can cause both
speaker and stereo unit damage.

Caution: Never ground the speaker cords. For
example, do not use a chassis ground system
or a three-wire speaker common system. Each
speaker must be connected separately using

parallel insulated wires. If In doubt about how

your car’s speakers are wired, please consult
with your nearest professional installer.

Motor Antenna
Connect the vehicle motor antenna lead to the
blue motor antenna relay control lead.



Connect the yellow battery lead to the correct

radio wire or to the battery fuse port on the

fuse block.

Connect the antenna by plugging the antenna

lead into the antenna receptacle.


Connect any optional equipment such as am­

plifier, according to the instructions furnished
with the equipment. Keep about 12 inches
(30 cm) of distance between the speaker
cords/amplifier unit and the antenna/antenna
extension cord. Read the operating and instal­
lation instructions for any equipment you will
connect to this unit.


Connect the red power lead to the correct vehi­

cle radio wire or to the appropriate fuse port on
the fuse block.

If the stereo unit functions properly with all

these connections made, disconnect the wires

and proceed to the final installation.

□ Final Installation

Lead Connections

Connect all wires, making sure that each con­

nection is insulated and secure. Bundle all
loose wires and fasten them with tape so they

won’t fall down later. Now insert the stereo unit

into the mounting collar.

Congratulations! After making a few final

checks, you’re ready to enjoy your new auto

stereo system.

□ Final Checks

1. Make sure that all wires are properly con­

nected and insulated.

2. Make sure that the stereo unit is securely

held in the mounting collar.

3. Turn on the ignition to check the unit for

proper operation.

If you have difficulties, consult your nearest au­

thorized professional installer for assistance.