Using the rear support strap, Installation procedures – Panasonic CQ-DPX33 DP22EUC Manuel d'utilisation

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□ Installation Procedures

1. Secure the Mounting Collar 0.

Insert Mounting Collar 0 into the car’s dashboard, and bend mounting tabs out with a screwdriver.

a) Check the electrical connection by referring to this operating instructions.
b) Connect the Mounting Bolt (s), using a suitable wrench.
c) Insert the unit into Mounting Collar © and push it in until “click" is heard.

©Mounting Bolt


d) Secure the rear of the unit to the car by either of the two recommended methods.

■ Using the Rear Support Strap @

Affix one end of the Rear Support Strap © to the rear of the unit, and the other end to the Fire Wall of
Car, or some other metallic area.

Fire Wall of Car