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Radio Basics


Preset Station Setting

Up to 24 stations can be preset in the station memory as follows;





6 stations

6 stations

6 stations

6 stations

Manual Station Preset

© Press [FM] or [AM] to select a desired band.
© Use manual or seek tuning to find a station that you want to

program into memory.

©Press and hold one of the station selector buttons [1] through

[6] until the display blinks.

Repeat the process to set other stations for the FM1-3 and AM

Note: You can change the memory setting by repeating the
above procedure.

Tuning in a Preset Station

Press any of the buttons [1] through [6] to tune in the station pre­

set by the above steps © to

Auto Station Preset

Select a band and press [АРМ] (AUTO PRESET MEMORY).
• The 6 strongest available stations will be automatically set in

memory preset buttons [1] through [6].

• Once set, the preset stations are sequentially scanned for

5 seconds.

• Press the appropriate preset button for the station you want to


Caution: For safety reasons, do not attempt to program while driving.