Use this equipment safeiy, When driving, When car washing – Panasonic CQ-DPX33 DP22EUC Manuel d'utilisation

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□ Use This Equipment Safeiy

When Driving

Keep the volume level low enough to be aware of road and traffic conditions.

When Car Washing

Do not expose the equipment, including the speakers and CDs, to water or excessive moisture. This

could cause electrical shorts, fire, or other damage.

When Parked

Parking in direct sunlight can produce very high temperatures inside your vehicle. Give the interior a

chance to cool down before switching the unit on.

Use the Proper Power Supply

This equipment Is designed to operate off a 12 volt, negative ground battery system (the normal sys­
tem in a North American car.)

Protect the Compact Disc Mechanism

Avoid insertion any foreign matters to the slot of the compact disc.

Failure to observe this may cause malfunction due to precise mechanism of this unit.

Use Authorized Servicenters

Do not attempt to disassemble or adjust this precision equipment. Please refer to the Servicenter list

included with this product for service assistance.

For Installation

Unit should be installed in a horizontal position with the front end up at a convenient angle, but not

more than 30°.


This operating instruction manual is for 2 models CQ-DPX33EUC and CQ-DP22EUC. All illustrations

throughout this manual represent model CQ-DPX33EUC unless othenvise specified. The following

table describes the differences between 2 models.


Operating Controis'"—




2 (Fix Type)

1 (Fix Type)

Remote Control Unit



Find the model number and serial number on either the back or bottom of the unit. Please record

them in the space below and retain this booklet as a permanent record of your purchase to aid in

identification in case of theft.



SERIAL NUMBER__________________________