Anti-theft system, To remove the removable face plate, To install the removable face plate – Panasonic CQ-DPX33 DP22EUC Manuel d'utilisation

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Anti-Theft System

This unit is equipped with a removable face plate. By re­

moving this face plate, the radio becomes totally inoper­


To Remove the Removable Face Plate

© Switch off the power.
©Press the release button [J^]. The removable face

plate will be released. Fig. 1)

© Remove the removable face plate by pulling on the

right side of the unit. {■* Fig. 2) Place the removable

face plate in a supplied case.



0As shown in Fig. 3, insert the removable face plate with the arrow pointing toward the removable

face plate case © until you hear a “click”. Keep the removable face plate in the case. Then, you
can bring the plate safety.

Set two arrows together

© Removable face plate case

Fig. 3

To install the Removable Face Plate

© Slide the left side of the removable face plate in place. Fig. 4)
© Press the right end of the removable face plate until “click” is heard. Fig. 5)

Plastic Tab


Removable Face Plate

Fig, 4


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