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Compact Disc Player Basics

Mode Selection

While the disc is inserted, press [CD] to switch the operation

To start the CD Player

Insert the disc (label side up) and playback starts automatically.

t n n I

L U no

“LOAd” will be displayed until the disc is loaded. Play starts from

first track.

n u n I

u u t




h Track number

Play time

Note: While the disc is inserted, “DISC” indicator will light. If you
press [CD] after the disc is ejected, the disc will be re-inserted.

Stopping and Ejecting a Disc

Press [A] to stop CD play, and the disc will quietly eject from the
CD slot. (During disc ejection, “EJ" (EJECT) will be displayed.)

Selecting a Track

Press [►► TRACK] once to go to the next track. Press repeatedly

to step forward through all the tracks.

Press [◄◄ TRACK] once to play from the beginning of the track

you are listening to. Press twice to play the previous track. Press
repeatedly to step backward through all the tracks.