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Page 12: Repeating a track, Random selection, Scanning tracks, Selecting by track number (direct access)

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Compact Disc Player Basics


Searching a Track

Press and Hold I

Press and hold [►► TRACK] or TRACK] for more than
0.5 second to activate fast forward or reverse through a track.
Release [►► TRACK] or TRACK] to resume the normal CD
play from that position.

Repeating a Track

Press [R/R ►] to repeat the current selection. “REP’ indicator will


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The current selection will continue to repeat until you press

[R/R ►] again.

Random Selection

Press and hold [R/R ►] for more than 2 seconds. “R ►” indicator

will light. A random selection of music is played from all available


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u u c

To turn off the random play feature, press and hold [R/R ►] again
for more than 2 seconds.

Scanning Tracks

Press [SCAN]. The display will biink and the first 10 seconds of

each track on the disc play in order.

To stop scanning and continue with the current track, press

[SCAN] again.

Selecting by Track Number
(Direct access)

• Press a number from [1] to [6] then the corresponding track will


• Press and hold a number from [7] to [12] {[1] to [6]) for more

than one second and the corresponding track will start.