Troubleshooting, Maintenance, When something doesn’t work – Panasonic CQ-DPX33 DP22EUC Manuel d'utilisation

Page 23: Product servicing, Replacing the fuse, Error display messages, Part 15 of the fcc rules

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□ Maintenance

Your product is designed and manufac­

tured to ensure a minimum of mainte­

nance. Use a soft cloth for routine exterior

cieaning. Never use benzine, thinner, or
other soivent.

□ When Something Doesn’t


Check the charts page 24) for possible

causes and solutions to any problem you

might be experiencing. Some simple

checks or minor adjustments may eliminate
the probiem.

□ Product Servicing

If the suggestions in the charts don’t solve

the problem, we recommend that you take

it to your nearest authorized Panasonic
Servicenter. The unit should be serviced

only by a qualified technician.

□ Replacing the Fuse

Use fuses of the same specified rating
(15 amps). Using different substitutes or

fuses with higher ratings, or connecting the

unit directly without a fuse, could cause fire

or damage to the stereo unit.

If the replacement fuse fails, contact your
nearest Panasonic Servicenter for service.

□ Error Display Messages

Displays when the compact

disc is dirty or upside down.
The disc eject automatically.

Displays when compact disc is

B d

scratched. The disc eject


Displays when the compact

disc stops operating for some

, reason. Please turn off the car

engine (ACC off) and remove

the fuse from yellow lead for

1 minute. Then reinstall the


Part 15 of the FCC Rules

This unit has been manufactured under the part 15 of the FCC Rules.

Do not attempt any changes or modifications in this unit.