Using the rubber cushion (optional), A) plug the power connector, To remove the unit – Panasonic CQ-DPX33 DP22EUC Manuel d'utilisation

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Installation Guide


■ Using the Rubber Cushion (Optional)

(If there is an existing Rear Support Bracket on the Fire Wall of Car.)

Cover Mounting Bolt (g) on the rear of the unit with Rubber Cushion (Optional), and mount it into exist­

ing Rear Support Bracket.

Rear Support Bracket

(existing on the car)

Rubber Cushion (Optional)

d) Mounting Bolt

\ 0 Mounting Collar

3. a) Plug the Power Connector

4. After installation reconnect the negative (—) battery terminal.

To Remove the Unit

a) Remove the removable face plate.

(^ Page 21.)

b) Remove the trim plate © with a screwdriver

as shown in the figure.

c) Pull out the unit while pushing the lock lever using a screwdriver.
d) Remove the unit pulling with both hands.

Lock Lever