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Clock Basics

(The clock system is 12-hours.)

Initial Time Setting

©Press DISP ID], “AdJ” is displayed.

©Press and hold DISP [D] again for

more than 2 seconds, “12” blinks indi­

cating the time setting mode is acti­

©To set hours, press [> TUNE] or

[< TUNE].

© Press DISP [D] again for minute


©To set minutes, press [> TUNE] or

[< TUNE].

Hold [> TUNE] or [< TUNE] to

change numbers rapidly.

©When you have set the time, press


R d d


Resetting the Time

When you want to reset the time, press and hold DISP [D] for

more than 2 seconds to activate the time setting mode. Then, re­
peat steps © to © above.

Selecting the Clock Display

Press DISP [D] for clock display.
Press DISP [D] once again, the current audio display mode re­


When power is turned off while the time is displayed, the
clock mode remains on. When the [PWR] is pressed again,

the system is completely off.

Note: Before you leave your car that has no ACC, be sure

to switch power off.