Replacing the lamp unit, Nglish - 41, Care and replacement – Panasonic PT-LB51SU Manuel d'utilisation

Page 41: J before replacing the lamp unit, J when to replace the lamp unit, J replacement procedure

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Care and Replacement




J Before replacing the Lamp unit

Disconnect the power cord plug from the wall outlet.

Make sure the Lamp unit and the surroundings are cooled enough.

Prepare a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Contact an Authorised Service Center to purchase a replacement Lamp unit (ET-LAB50).

When the projector is mounted in the ceiling, do not work directly under the projector or put your face closer
to the projector.

J When to replace the Lamp unit

The Lamp unit is a consumable product. Even when the full life of the bulb has not been exhausted, the
brightness of the light will gradually decline. Therefore periodic replacement of the lamp is necessary.
The intended lamp replacement interval is 2 000 hours, but it is possible that the lamp may need to be
replaced earlier due to variables such as a particular lamp’s characteristics, usage conditions and the
installation environment.
Early preparation for lamp replacement is encouraged.
The lamp will automatically shut off after approximately 10 minutes when 2 000 hours of use have been
reached because of a much greater chance of it exploding after this time.

J Replacement procedure

1. Disconnect the Power cord from the projector (See “Power cord” on page 20), and check that the area around

the Lamp unit has cooled down.

Replacing the Lamp unit


• Prior to replacing the lamp unit, allow it to cool down to prevent the risk of burns, damage and other hazards.
• Do not attempt replacement with an unauthorised lamp unit.


On screen



Over 1 800 hours

REPLACEMENT LAMP” is displayed on
the upper left of the screen for 30 seconds.

Illuminates RED.

Over 2 000 hours

REPLACEMENT LAMP” is displayed on
the upper left of the screen, and it will stay
until you respond.
To clear the screen, press any button.


• The usage hours explained above are for when “LAMP POWER” in the “OPTION” menu has been set to “STANDARD

and when “AI” in the “PICTURE” menu has been set to “OFF”. If “LAMP POWER” is set to “ECO-MODE”, or “AI” is set to
ON”, the life of the lamp can be extended.

• While 2 000 hours is the intended replacement interval, it is not a period of time covered by warranty.



• If the lamp usage time has passed 2 000 hours (when “LAMP POWER” has een set to “STANDARD” and when “AI” has

been set to “OFF”), the projector will switch to standby mode after approximately 10 minutes of operation. The steps 7 to

should thus be completed within 10 minutes.