Switching the projector on/off, Power cord, Power indicator – Panasonic PT-LB51SU Manuel d'utilisation

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Switching the projector on/off

J Connecting

1. Make sure the shape of the power cord plug and the AC IN connector on the back

of the projector match, then push the plug all the way in.

2. Connect the Power cord to a wall outlet.

J Disconnecting

1. Check that the POWER indicator of the POWER button is lit red, and then unplug the Power cord from the

wall outlet.

2. Hold the plug and unplug the Power cord from the AC IN connector on the back of the projector.

J Direct power off function

You can disconnect the Power cord during projection or immediately after use and move the projector. The
cooling fan will operate by the internal power supply to cool down the lamp.

When this function is used, it may take more time for the lamp to turn back on again compared to when the lamp cools
down with the Power cord connected.

Do not put the projector in a bag while the POWER button on the projector is illuminated.

J Direct power on function

If you activate the DIRECT POWER ON, you can start the projection only with connecting the Power cord.
See “DIRECT POWER ON” on page 35.

Power cord


• Do not use other than a provided Power cord.
• Ensure all the input devices are connected and turned off before connecting the Power cord.
• Do not force the connector as this may damage the projector and/or the Power cord.
• Dirt or dust build-up around plugs may cause fire or electrical hazards.
• Switch off the power to the projector when not in use.

POWER indicator

Indicator status




The projector is in standby.
When the LAMP or TEMP indicator is flashing, the POWER indicator will
not be lit.



The POWER is switched on and the projector is getting ready to project.


The projector is ready to project.



The POWER is switched off and the projector is cooling the lamp.


The POWER is switched on again when cooling the lamp and recovering
to projection mode. Recovery may take a while.


• If the projector is switched on again while the internal cooling fan is still operating by the internal power supply, it may take

a while to start the projection.

• The electric consumption in standby mode is 4 W.