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• To ensure good communication conditions, carry out initial

setup from directly in front of, and close to the amplifier.

• Do not move the unit during initial setup.

If a communication error occurs during setup

An error message will be displa\ ed.

• Touching OK will return to the step 5 setup screen.
• Touching SKIP goes to the regular screen without

carrying out initial setup. Although operation is
possible in this condition, functions not included on the
amplifier will be displayed, and some buttons will not
be operable. Also, the initial setup screen will appear
each time the touch panel is turned on.


The commander receives and displays data transmitted from the
amplifier. Communication errors may occur if the commander's
transmitter/receiver section is not directed properly toward the

Be sure to point the commander's transmitter/receiver section
towards the amplifier.

When replacing the batteries

To ensure' preserx ation of the commancier's internal

memory when replacir^ batteries, be sure to observe the
following cautions.

When to replace batteries

When the batteries become weak, a warning sounds and a
message is displayed. Replace batteries as instructed by
the message.

Battery Lou

Replace alkaline

Replace lithium

How to remove the lithium battery


■ D






• Disc titles and song titles downloaded from the CD changer are

memorized in the commander. The lithium battery is used for
preservation of this memory. If the unit is used with an
exhausted battery, the settings memorized in the commander
will be erased. Please replace the battery as soon as the message

• Replace thp alkajine batteries with new batteries as soon as

their charge is exhausted. If the unit is used with exhausted

batteries, exhaustion of the lithium battery used to maintain

memory will be quickened and the memorized settings may be

• The life span of batteries may be shortened depending on the

conditions in which the commander is used.

• If the alkaline batteries and lithium battery become exhausted

at the same time, replace the alkaline batteries first. Replacing

the lithium battery first will erase the data memorized in the

• When replacing the alkaline batteries, always replace all 4

batteries with new ones.

• After replacing batteries, be sure to carrv out touch panel

adjustment (page 6).