Compatible components, Functions, Preparations – Sony RM-TP501E Manuel d'utilisation

Page 4: Compatible components and functions

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Compatible Components

and Functions

This chapter describes how to prepare

the remote commander for operation.
Be sure to read this section before

This unit is a romc'tc control s\’stc'm tlwt utilizes intrarod

ra\'s to control an amplifier and AV components

connected to the amplifier.

Compatible Components

This unit can be used to operate Sony AV components as
well as AV components manufactured by other
manufacturers. Set up is necessary in order to operate
components manufactured by other companies (see page



This unit is a bidirectional remote commander. Not onh'
does it transmit infrared ra\ s for operation of the
amplifier, it can also receic e infrared ra\ s emitted b\’ the
amplifier to display characters and other information
supplied by other components connected to the amplifier

with a CONTROL A1 cord.