Caution (lithium battery), On operation, On cleaning – Sony RM-TP501E Manuel d'utilisation

Page 2: Precautions about this manual

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About This Manual

CAUTION (Lithium battery)

D.ingor of explosion if baften is incorrectly
leplaced. Replace onl\ \\ ith the same or equi\ alent
t\ pe recommended b\ the mannfaetnrer. Discard
iisecf batteries according tii the mannfactnrer's

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V Indicates hints and tips tor making the task easier.

On operation

Before connecting other components, be sure to turn off and
unplug the ainplitier.

On cleaning

Clean the cabinet, panel and controls «'ith a soft cloth slightly
moistened w-rth a mild detergent solution. Do not use any type of
abrasi\ e pad, scouring powder or soK ent such as alcohol or

If \ ou lia\ e an\ question or pix'blem concerning \ our

remc)te crrmmander, please consult \ our nearest Son\-