Inserting batteries into the commander, 1 remove the.battery compartment cover, 4 close the battery compartment cover – Sony RM-TP501E Manuel d'utilisation

Page 5: 2 insert the alkaline batteries, 3 insert the lithium battery, Preparing the commander

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Preparing the Commander

Plociso bo sure to out the procedures described in
"Setting up the commander" on page 6 after inserting the

Inserting batteries into the commander

Insert the four size-AA (LR6) alkaline batteries (for

commander operation) and lithium battery (for
preservation of the commander's internal memory).


Remove the.battery compartment cover.

Push in the direction


Close the battery compartment cover.


Insert the alkaline batteries.

Always insert the negative (-) pole
side of batteries first


■ o





After inserting the batteries, touching the touch panel
turns on the light and displax s the touch panel (LCD)
adjustment screen. Follow the procedure on the next
page for touch panel adjustment and initial

Touch Panel

Adjustment ^


• The LCD lights up when touched.
• VOL +/-, MUTING and SLEEP can be used even when the

LCD is not lit.

• Pressing BACK LIGHT/COMMANDER OFE turns the

backlight off. Holding it down for about 2 seconds turns the

LCD off. To conserve battery power, be sure to regularly turn

off the LCD or power when not in use.

• If the commander is not used for approx. I minute, the LCD

turns off automatically (Auto Off function). The auto off time
can be adjusted (see page 22).


Insert the lithium battery.

After wiping the lithium battery thoroughly with a
dry cloth, insert it into the compartment with the
positive (+) pole side facing up.