Troubleshooting – Sony RM-TP501E Manuel d'utilisation

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It \ ou L'xpoiionco iin\ of the following difficulties while
using the commander, use this troubleshooting guide to
help \ ou remedx' the problem. Should an\' problem
persist, consult \mur nearest Si'n\' dealer.









Operation cannot be done with the commander.

^ Check that the amplifier and components are

connected correctly.

^ The commander and amplifier are too far apart.
^ Make sure that there are no objects between the

commander and amplifier. -

^ Make sure that the amplifier's power is turned on.
^ The commander's transmitter/receix’er section is

not pointed at the amplifier.
The commander's batteries are exhausted. Replace
witli new alkaline batteries (see page 7).
There is an in\ ertor s\ stem florescent light near the
commander or amplifier. Please place awa\' from
the florescent light.

^ Make sure \'ou ha\ e selected the correct function

on the remote.

^ When you operate a programmed non-Sonv

component, the remote may not function properly
depending on the make and model of the

The amplifier's functiohs and modes do not
correlate with the displays on the commander.

^ Initial communication setup has not been done.

Use after first carrying out initial communication
setup (see page 6).
The commander was notpointed at the amplifier
when it was turned on. Touch RELOAD, and
download component data (see page 8).
Select the correct function using the commander.

LCD does not appear.

^ The LCD is not turned on. Touch the touch panel.
^ Contrast is too light or too dark.

Use the CONTRAST control to adjust the contrast
of the LCD (see page 6).

When a CD player, tape deck, or MD deck is
connected to the amplifier via S-LINK CONTROL
A1 jacks. Auto Function does not work properly.

^ Reprogram the remote (see page 19).