Tweco 7-5207 Manuel d'utilisation

General information, Parts supplied, Installation

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February 28, 2003 / 28 Février, 2003


Manual/Manuel 0-2883

General Information

The ATC Adapter Kit (Female Receptacle) is used to connect the ATC Style RPT Torch to a plasma power supply. This
kit is connected to a Torch Adapter Kit which is required to complete the installation.

Power Supply

Torch Adapter


ATC Adapter

Kit (Female)

Catalog #7-5207

RPT Torch


ATC Connector


Typical ATC System Block Diagram

Parts Supplied

The following parts are included in this kit:

Manual 0-2883

ATC Adapter Kit

(Female Receptacle)

Catalog # 7-5207

Installation Instructions

• ATC Adapter - 1 ea


Install the ATC Adapter Kit per the following procedure:

1. Turn OFF the power supply.

2. Disconnect the main input power to the power supply.

3. Remove the existing torch from the power supply, remov-

ing covers as required.

4. Install the Torch Adapter Kit, sold separately, for the type

power supply, per instructions supplied with the Torch
Adapter Kit.

5. For Power Supplies on which a Strain Relief was used on

the existing Torch Lead, remove the old Strain Relief and
install on the ATC Adapter per the following:

a. Remove the retaining nut from the Strain Relief.

b. Loosen the leads capture nut that secures the Strain

Relief to the Torch Leads.

c. Remove the Strain Relief from the Torch Leads.

d. Install the Strain Relief onto the ATC Adapter Lead.

6. Feed the ATC Adapter Lead ends and the Strain Relief into

the hole in the unit.

7. Secure the Strain Relief to the Power Supply with the re-

taining nut removed earlier, see WARNING.

Pilot Lead

ATC Adapter




Torch Control


© 2002 Thermal Dynamics Corp., Printed in USA


For Mechanized Systems refer to the Torch Con-
trol Cable Wiring Diagrams in the Manual sup-
plied with the RPT Torch.


If a Strain Relief is not used on the ATC Adapter,
then the panel hole where the ATC Adapter en-
ters the power supply should be adequately pro-
tected to prevent damage of the ATC Adapter
Lead caused by rubbing on the edge of the hole.

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