Tweco 7-3477 Manuel d'utilisation

General information, Supplied parts, Procedure

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October 25, 2002 / 25 Octobre, 2002


Manual / Manuel 0-2951

Manual 0-2951

Torch Adapter Kit

Catalog # 7-3477

Installation Instructions

General Information

These instructions cover Thermal Dynamics RPT Adapter Kit No. 7-3477. The kit connects 1Torch SL60 or SL100
Torches equipped with O2B connectors, or the ATC Adapter Kit, to the following Power Supplies:

• Hypertherm* powermax* 380

• Miller* Spectrum* 375

Supplied Parts

The kit includes:

• Gas Line Adapter Fitting with Gas Line

• Power Wire Harness with Connector

• Control Wire with Connector

• Insulating Sleeve

• Strain Relief

• Instructions


Disconnect primary input power to the system before starting the installation.

Shut off the gas supply and bleed down the system.

Only a qualified technician should perform this procedure.


A. Preparation

1. Remove the Power Supply Cover per the Power Supply Manual.

2. Disconnect the original torch per the Power Supply Manual.

3. Disconnect the inductor wire connected to the terminal marked 'L2 RED' on the Power Supply circuit board.

4. Disassemble the Strain Relief provided in this kit.

5. Slide the Strain Relief dome nut (only) onto the Torch Leads or ATC Adapter Kit.

6. Fold back the shortest wire connector on the Torch Leads or ATC Adapter Kit.

7. Slide the Strain Relief over the Leads or Adapter fittings.

8. Straighten the short wire folded back previously.

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