Tweco 7-3486 Manuel d'utilisation

General information, Supplied parts, Procedure

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April 30, 2004 / 30 Avril, 2004


Manual / Manuel 0-4649

Manual 0-4649

RPT Torch Adapter Kit

No. 7-3486

Installation Instructions

General Information

This kit connects Thermal Dynamics Torches equipped with O2B connectors, or the ATC Adapter Kit, to the following
Power Supplies:

• Lincoln* Pro-Cut 40

Supplied Parts

The kit includes:

• Gas Line Adapter Fitting with O - Ring

• Control Wire Harness with Connector

• Female Faston Terminal

• Instructions


Disconnect primary input power to the system before starting the installation.

Shut off the gas supply and bleed down the system.

Only a qualified technician should perform this procedure.


A. Preparation

1. Remove the Power Supply Cover per the Power Supply Manual.

2. Disconnect the original torch per the Power Supply Manual.

3. Remove the original torch from the Power Supply. Leave the strain relief in place on the power supply.

4. The torch leads or ATC adapter includes a ring terminal on the pilot lead. Pull back the insulating sleeve on the

pilot lead. Cut off the ring terminal. Strip the insulation back approximately 1/4" / 6 mm from the end of the
lead(s). Attach the female Faston terminal included in this kit to the pilot lead. Crimp securely.

5. The torch leads or ATC adapter includes two wires joined together and covered with an insulating sleeve.

Remove the insulating sleeve and disconnect the wires.

6. Remove the strain relief dome nut from the original torch. Install the dome nut on the replacement torch or ATC


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