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To Avoid Battery Exhaustion

Always run the vehicle engine while using this unit. Using this unit without running the
engine can result in battery drainage.

To Protect the LCD Screen of the Display

• Do not allow direct sunlight to fall on the Display when this unit is not being used.

Extended exposure to direct sunlight can result in LCD screen malfunction due to the
resulting high temperatures.

• When using a portable phone, keep the antenna of the portable phone away from the

Display to prevent disruption of the video by the appearance of spots, colored stripes,

• Never touch the screen with anything besides your finger when operating the Touch

Panel functions. The screen can scratch easily.

When Viewing is Difficult, use [BRIGHTNESS] and [DIMMER] to Adjust

Due to its construction, the view angle of the LCD screen is limited. The viewing angle
(vertical and horizontal) can be increased, however, by using [BRIGHTNESS] to adjust
the black density of the video. When using for the first time, adjust the black density in
accordance with the viewing angle (vertical and horizontal) to adjust for clear viewing.
[DIMMER] can also be used to adjust the brightness of the LCD screen itself to suit your
personal preference.

About the RCA Video and Audio Outputs of this Unit

When you connect a separate piece of AV equipment such as a rear display to the RCA
video and audio output jacks of the hide-away unit, you can select either showing naviga-
tion images on the rear display or the images of each source.
• Volume control buttons will have no effect even if operated.


Never position the display connected to the RCA output jack of the hide-
away unit so that the driver can view the picture while the vehicle is moving.








Before Using This Product