Important safeguards, Please read all of these instructions – Pioneer AVD-W6210 Manuel d'utilisation

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Please Read All of These Instructions Regarding Your Display
and Retain them for Future Reference

1. Read this manual fully and carefully before operating your display.

2. Keep this manual handy for future reference.

3. Pay close attention to all warnings in this manual and follow the instructions care-


4. Never allow others to use the system until they have read and understood the

operating instructions.

5. Do not install the display where it may (i) obstruct the driver’s vision, (ii) impair

the performance of any of the vehicle’s operating systems or safety features,
including airbags, or (iii) impair the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle.

6. As with any accessory in your vehicle’s interior, the display should not divert

your attention from the safe operation of your vehicle. If you experience difficul-
ty in operating the system or reading the display, please park safely before mak-
ing adjustments.

7. Do not attempt to install or service your display by yourself. Installation or ser-

vicing of the display by persons without training and experience in electronic
equipment and automotive accessories may be dangerous and could expose you
to the risk of electric shock or other hazards.

8. Please remember to wear your seat belt at all times while operating your vehicle.

If you are ever in an accident, your injuries can be considerably more severe if
your seat belt is not properly buckled.

9. Use of this product is subject to any government laws regarding placement or use.

PIONEER does not accept any liability for any problems, damage or loss incurred
as a result of the product being used with an incorrect setting or in violation of
any government laws.

10. This product is designed for use with a back-up camera. Users may connect the

AV IN2 input with “REVERSE-GEAR SIGNAL INPUT” only to a back-up cam-
era. Users must not connect any other devices to the AV IN2 input with

Information to User
Alteration or modifications carried out without appropriate authorization may
invalidate the user’s right to operate the equipment.