Installation, Caution – Pioneer AVD-W6210 Manuel d'utilisation

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• For instructions on how to mount the display, consult your dealer.

• Certain government laws may prohibit or restrict the placement and use of

this system in your car. Please comply with all applicable laws and regula-
tions regarding the use, installation and operation of your display.

• Do not install the display where it may (i) obstruct the driver’s vision, (ii)

impair the performance of any of the vehicle’s operating systems or safety
features, including airbags, or (iii) impair the driver’s ability to safely oper-
ate the vehicle.

• PIONEER does not recommend that you install or service your display your-

self. Installing or servicing the product may expose you to risk of electric
shock or other hazards. Refer all installation and servicing of your display to
authorized PIONEER service personnel.

• Install the display between the driver’s seat and front passenger seat so that

it will not be hit by the driver or passenger if the vehicle brakes sharply.

• Do not install the display in a position where the fully opened air bag will be

obstructed by it.

• Do not install the display in a place where it will impair the performance of

any of the vehicle’s operating systems, including airbags and headrests.

• Make sure there is nothing behind the panels when drilling holes in them. Be

careful not to damage fuel lines, brake lines or power cables.

• When using screws, do not allow them to come into contact with any electri-

cal lead. Vibration may damage wires, leading to a short circuit or other
damage to the vehicle.

• It is extremely dangerous to allow the display lead to become wound around

the steering column or shift lever. Be sure to install the display in such a way
that it will not obstruct driving.

• Make sure that leads cannot get caught in a door or the sliding mechanism of

a seat, resulting in a short circuit.