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Page 24: About the liquid crystal display (lcd) screen, Keeping the display in good condition, About the small fluorescent tube

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About the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Screen

• If the display is near the vent of an air conditioner when it is deployed, make sure that

air from the air conditioner is not blowing on it. Heat from the heater may break the
LCD screen, and cool air from the cooler may cause moisture to form inside the display
resulting in possible damage. Also, if the display is cooled down by the cooler, the
screen may become dark, or the life span of the small fluorescent tube used inside the
display may be shortened.

• Small black dots or white dots (bright dots) may appear on the LCD screen. These are

due to the characteristics of the LCD screen and do not indicate a problem with the dis-

• At low temperatures, the LCD screen may be dark for a while after the power is turned


• The LCD screen will be difficult to see if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Keeping the Display in Good Condition

• When removing dust from the screen or cleaning the display, first turn the system power

OFF, then wipe with a soft dry cloth.

• When wiping the screen, take care not to scratch the surface. Do not use harsh or abra-

sive chemical cleaners.

• Do not use a wet cloth for cleaning. Do not use organic solvents, such as benzine and


About the Small Fluorescent Tube

• A small fluorescent tube is used inside the display to illuminate the LCD screen.

* The fluorescent tube is an expendable part and has a limited service life.
* The fluorescent tube should last for approximately 10,000 hours, depending on oper-

ating conditions. (Using the display at low temperatures reduces the service life of the
fluorescent tube.)

* When the fluorescent tube reaches the end of its useful life, the screen will be dark

and the image will no longer be projected. If this happens, consult your dealer or the
nearest authorized PIONEER service facility.

Using the Display Correctly