Installation, Before installing and fixing, Before affixing the adhesive tape – Pioneer AVD-W6210 Manuel d'utilisation

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• Use of this product is subject to any government laws regarding placement

or use.
PIONEER does not accept any liability for any problems, damage or loss
incurred as a result of the product being used with an incorrect setting or in
violation of any government laws.

• To ensure proper installation, use the supplied parts in the manner specified.

If any parts other than the supplied ones are used, they may damage internal
parts of the unit or they may work loose and the unit may come off.

• To ensure safe driving, be sure to install the display in a position that meets

the following conditions.
* Where it does not obstruct the driver’s vision and impede the safe opera-

tion of the vehicle.

* Where the front of the car is within the driver’s field of vision when look-

ing at the display.

* Where the display does not protrude above the front of the hood as viewed

by the driver.

Before Installing and Fixing

• Make temporary connections first to check that the unit and system are working properly.
• Press the RESET button with the tip of a ball-point pen or similar object, when a con-

nection is completed. (Refer to page 9.)

Installation with the supplied bracket

This bracket has been designed to fit the Universal Pedestal Mount or another similar
device. The following procedures are required using the supplied bracket for installation.

1. Remove the three screws from the bottom of the accessory mounting base to remove the

petal-shaped portion.

2. With the three screws secure the supplied bracket in place of the petal-shaped portion.

Consult with your local installer regarding the safe installation of this product.

Before Affixing the Adhesive Tape

• Make sure the surface is free of moisture, dust, grime, oil, etc. before affixing the tape.