Changing the wide screen mode, Basic operation – Pioneer AVD-W6210 Manuel d'utilisation

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Changing the Wide Screen Mode

You can change the way in which normal video (aspect ratio 4:3) enlarges to wide video
(16:9). Select wide modes to suit the kind of video you are viewing.

1. Display a source to view. (Refer to the previous page.)

2. Select a wide mode.

Each press of the WIDE button selects the wide mode in the following order:

= [JUST] = [CINEMA] = [ZOOM] = [NORMAL] = Exit to [FULL]


• Settings are stored for each source (NAVI SOURCE, AV IN1, AV IN2).
• When video is viewed in a wide mode that does not match its original aspect ratio, it may appear


• Remember that using the wide mode feature of this system for commercial or public viewing pur-

poses may constitute an infringement on the author’s rights protected by the Copyright Law.



Basic Operation