Camera cleaning, Preset data uploading or downloading, Do not attempt to disassemble the camera – Panasonic WV-CS554 Manuel d'utilisation

Page 5: Handle the camera with care

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Camera Cleaning

Even if this function is used, it may be produced noise on the monitor screen, or the preset position may

be deviated in the cause of prolonged use.

In case of these, set the REFRESH mode on the special 2 menu (see page 46).

To use with the WJ-SX550B Matrix Switcher, set the auto cleaning function on each unit side, then clean

WV-CS554/WV-CS854A one time a day.

Preset Data Uploading or Downloading

To download the preset data from video camera to system controller or to upload the downloaded data to

camera, set the following functions to OFF.

Downloading or uploading the data may not work normally if these functions are set to ON.

• Alarm {see page 31)

• Preset alarm (see page 34)

• Cleaning (see page 33)

• Motion detection (see page 42)

• Auto mode (see page 23)

• Self return (see page 22)

Aim the camera at a motionless object such as a wall if possible.

Note: Take notice of the following cases when uploading the downloaded data to a camera.

• Preset positions may vary. If a preset position varies, delete the preset position and set the cor­

rect preset position newly.

• If a preset data of WV-CS854A is uploaded to lower level models (e.g, WV-CS854, WV-CS554,

etc.), an error may occur and uploading may not be completed successfully.

1. Do not attempt to disassemble the cam­


To prevent electric shock, do not remove

screws or covers.

There are no user-serviceable parts inside.

Ask a qualified service personnel for servic­


2. Handle the camera with care.

Do not abuse the camera. Avoid striking,

shaking, etc. The camera could be dam­

aged by improper handling or storage.

3. Do not expose the camera to rain or mois­

ture, not try to operate it in wet areas.

This product is designed for indoor use or

locations where it is protected from rain and


Turn the power off immediately and ask a

qualified service personnel for servicing.

Moisture can damage the camera and also

create the danger of electric shock.

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