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Manual 0-2926


General Information

The Ohmic Clip is an available option for use only with a Ma-

chine 1Torch™ on automated systems. The system must have

a 'touch the plate' (workpiece) circuit control.

To use this clip the torch must have Shield Cup Body and

Shield Cap installed.

When the shield cap of the torch contacts the workpiece the

system senses the change through the Ohmic Clip. This causes

the torch to retract to the correct preset pierce height from the


Parts Supplied

The following parts are included in this kit:

• Ohmic Clip - 1 ea

• Instruction Sheet


1. Turn OFF the power supply.

2. Disconnect the main input power to the power supply.

3. Locate the two slots on each side of the torch head.

4. With the stem of the clip pointing down, slide the Ohmic

Clip onto the torch head. Make sure the tabs on the clip

are seated into the slots on each side of the torch head. The

bottom end of the clip should make contact with the shield


5. Connect the signal wire, touch the plate, from the customer's

controller to the tab on the top of the clip. The signal wire

can be soldered to the tab or connected with a connector.

6. Install the proper torch consumables for the Power Supply

amperage. The Ohmic Clip doesn't need to be removed to

change consumables.

7. Reconnect input power to the Power Supply and turn ON

the unit.

8. Set proper gas pressure or flow.

9. Test torch for proper operation.

Ohmic Clip

Catalog # 9-8224

Installation Instructions


Touch The Plate

Signal Wire

Ohmic Clip

Shield Cap



Cup Body

Original Publication Date: 2005

Manual no.: 0-2926

Revision Date: 3/18/2014

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