Before use, Warning, Caution – Panasonic SR-MGS102 Manuel d'utilisation

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Before use


The following chart indicates the degree of damage caused by wrong operation.



Indicates hazard that may cause death or severe injury.



Indicates hazard that may cause human injuries or property damage.

In order to prevent accidents or injury to the user, other people, and damage to property, please follow the

instructions below.


The rust prevention paper located between the inner pan and the cast heater must be removed before using.


Classification of instructions that need to be strictly followed uses the following symbols to

distinguish the instruction types.

These symbols mean prohibition.

These symbols mean requirement that must be followed.


Plug in tightly.

(Improper plugging

may cause electrical

shock or fire due to heat


Do not use a damage plug or warped


Do not damage the power cord

or the power plug.

The following is prohibited:

disassembling, bringing

near hot surface, bending,

twisting, pulling, placing

heavy objects on top or

tying up in a bundle.

(The damaged power cord could result

in electric shock or fire.)
If the power cord or the power plug is

damaged, consult your nearest retailer

or service center for repair.

Clean the power plug


(A soiled power plug may

cause insufficient insulation

due to the moisture, and

may result in fire.)

Unplug the power plug, and wipe with a

clean cloth.

Do not plug or unplug the

rice cooker with wet hands.

(It may result in electrical


Do not use wet hands.

Do not insert metal objects

such as pins and needles, or

any other foreign objects in

the exhaust outlets, or any

other portion of the unit.

Especially clips, wires or

any metal objects.
(It may result in

electrocution or


Do not operate the appliance

with a damaged power cord

or power plug.

(It may result in electrical

shock or fire.)

This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including

children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental

capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless

they have been given supervision or instruction

concerning use of the appliance by a person

responsible for their safety.

Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the



Do not place your hands or

face over or near the steam


Do not touch.

(To avoid injuries from burning injuries.)

Make sure the voltage

supplied to the appliance

is the same as your local

supply. (120V AC only)

(It may cause electrical

shock or fire.)

Safety Precautions

Please be sure to follow these Instructions.




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