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Charging the battery

Place the camera with the battery pack
inserted on the Cyber-shot Station.

Charging starts automatically. Both the /
CHG lamp of the camera and the CHARGE
lamps of the Cyber-shot Station light up.

• The light starts coming on from the left.
• It might take a few seconds for showing an

accurate battery level.

• The battery level will be displayed in three

levels on the CHARGE lamps of the Cyber-
shot Station while charging the battery pack.
When charging is completed, the CHARGE
lamps go off.

– When charging the battery pack, make

sure the camera is turned off.

Viewing images on a TV


Connect the A/V connecting cable

(supplied) to the A/V OUT (MONO) jack
of the Cyber-shot Station and the audio/
video input jacks of the TV.

If your TV provides stereo input jacks,
connect the audio plug (black) of the A/V
connecting cable to the left audio jack.

– Turn off both camera and TV before

connecting the Cyber-shot Station and
the TV by the A/V connecting cable.


Set the mode dial of the camera to



Turn on the power with the remote



Turn on the TV and set the TV/Video

switch to “Video”.


Press b/B on the Control buttons of the

remote control to select the desired

– You can also select the image by

pressing b/B on the Control buttons of
the camera.

– The Cyber-shot Station is compatible

with both NTSC and PAL TV systems.
For further details, see the operating
instructions supplied with the camera.

A/V connecting

Battery level: LOW

Battery level: MIDDLE

Battery level: HIGH

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