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Set up

Preparing the Cyber-shot Station

Connect the AC adaptor to the DC IN jack of
the Cyber-shot Station.

Do not use the AC adaptor placed in a narrow
space, such as between a wall and furniture.

To use your Cyber-shot Station abroad
- Power sources
You can use the Cyber-shot Station and the AC
adaptor (supplied) in any country or region
where the power supply is within 100 V to
240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.
Use a commercially available AC plug
adaptor, if neccessary, depending on the
design of the wall outlet (wall socket).

Do not use an electronic transformer
(travel converter), as this may cause a

AC plug adaptor

Insulation sheet

Placing the camera on
the Cyber-shot Station

– Insert the “Memory Stick” into your


– Be sure to turn off the camera before

placing it on the Cyber-shot Station or
removing it from the Cyber-shot Station.

– Be sure the camera is securely attatched

to the Cyber-shot Station.

Preparing the remote control

Notes on the remote control
• The remote control is powered by a button

type lithium battery (CR2025) installed at the
factory. To avoid draining the battery, an
insulation sheet is inserted. Before using the
remote control for the first time, remove the
insulation sheet.

• Point the remote sensor of the Cyber-shot

Station away from strong light sources such
as direct sunlight or overhead lighting.
Otherwise, the remote control may not
function properly.

• The remote control range is less than five

meters (for indoor use). Point the remote
control at the remote sensor of the Cyber-
shot Station. Try adjusting the angle of the
remote control if you cannot operate the
Cyber-shot Station.

Removing the insulation sheet

Cyber-shot Station

AC adaptor

To a wall outlet
(wall socket)

AC Power cord
(mains lead)

DC plug

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