Precautions, Before using the cyber-shot station – Sony Cyber-Shot Station CSS-PHB Manuel d'utilisation

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• The Cyber-shot Station is not a dust-proofed, moist-proofed or water proofed product.
• Do not use or keep the Cyber-shot Station in locations subject to the following conditions:

– Locations with extremes of temperature

In closed automobiles during summer, the ambient temperature may be very hot, causing
deformation or malfunction of the Cyber-shot Station.

– Locations in direct sunlight or near heaters

This may cause deformation or malfunction of the Cyber-shot Station.

– Locations subject to vibration
– Locations subject to strong magnetism
– Locations subject to dust or sand

If you use the Cyber-shot Station, for example, on a beach or in a desert, make sure that you
keep the Cyber-shot Station away from sand. The Cyber-shot Station that is covered with sand
may malfunction.

• Do not use the Cyber-shot Station in locations that are subject to strong radio waves or radiation.

Images may not be played back properly.

• The set is not disconnected from the AC power source (mains) as long as it is connected to the

wall outlet, even if the set itself has been turned off.

Before using the Cyber-shot Station

Refer to the operating instruction for your camera as well as this manual.

• Recording contents cannot be compensated for if shooting or playback is not possible due to

damaged “Memory Stick”, a malfunction of your camera or of the Cyber-shot Station, etc.

• Do not connect the supplied USB cable to the multi connector on the bottom of the camera. This

may cause a malfunction of the multi connector.

• The screw hole on the bottom of the Cyber-shot Station is for retail display only.

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