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The CSS-PHB can be used with the DSC-P200 digital still camera.
When you place a digital still camera (here in after referred to as the "camera") on the Cyber-shot
Station, you can use the Cyber-shot Station in the following way.


You can easily view images on a TV screen by wireless remote control.
Using the remote control, you can operate the followings;
– Viewing images
– Slide Show
– Playback zoom
– Shooting images


When the CSS-PHB is connected to a PictBridge enabled printer, you can easily print still images
just by pressing PRINT button on the remote control.
The still image currently shown on the TV can be printed by remote control.
Note: If you want to print one of the still images in a Slide Show, cancel the Slide Show first, then

press PRINT button.


Using the Cyber-shot Station, you can charge the battery pack inside the camera. While charging
the battery pack, you can check the battery level with the CHARGE lamps of the Cyber-shot


You can connect the Cyber-shot Station to your computer using the supplied USB cable for
image forwarding.


You can take time-lapse photos by the built-in intervalometer of CSS-PHB.


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