Shooting images – Sony Cyber-Shot Station CSS-PHB Manuel d'utilisation

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Shooting images

By connecting the Cyber-shot Station to a TV,
you can shoot an image while checking it on
the big screen.


Set the mode dial of the camera to the

position you desire and turn on the
For further details, see the operating
instructions supplied with the camera.


Adjust the camera angle using the

rotating base of the Cyber-shot Station.

Shooting an image with the remote


Press the SHUTTER button of the remote

You cannot press the SHUTTER button
halfway down.

Taking time-lapse photos by Interval


Set shooting interval using the interval

selector of the Cyber-shot Station.
You can choose the shooting interval from
5 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes.


Press the INTERVAL SHOT button.

When you press the INTERVAL SHOT
button, the camera will be turned off and
interval shooting (time-lapse shooting) will
start. Then the Interval Shot lamp will
blink green.

When the camera is turned on, the Interval
Shot lamp now blinks red.
When the shooting is completed, the
Interval Shot lamp remains red for five
seconds. The camera is soon turned off to
start blinking green again.


Finish interval shooting.

Interval shooting will finish automatically
when the 12 times of shooting has
completed, and then the Interval Shot lamp
will go off.
You can also quit interval shooting in the
following ways.
– Press the INTERVAL SHOT button


– Change the interval time.
– Remove the camera from the Cyber-shot


• When you set the camera for interval

shooting, the shooting will be repeated 12
times in spite of the conditions of the camera.
Make sure that the camera is ready for the
shooting before you start interval shooting.
For further details, see the operating
instructions supplied with the camera.

• During interval shooting, the camera is

turned off each time an image is shot. For
this reason, zoom and self-timer will return
to the default settings.

• You cannot use the remote control, while the

interval shooting is in process.

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