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To get better results when using vertical steam, hang

the garment on a clothes hanger. Curtains and drapes

may also be steamed once they're hung. Hold the iron

away from your body, close to but not touching the fabric.

Pull the fabric tight with your free hand and pump the

Vertical Steam Button (Jet of Steam Button) at 2-5 seconds

Intervals as you pass the Iron over the wrinkled fabric.


' Never iron clothes on the body or point your iron at anyone when steaming.

■ Keep hands and body away from steam areas while using vertical steam feature.


(NI-S300TR/S650TR/S655TR Only)

With the self-cleaning feature you can flush out mineral residue from the steam generating

chamber and the steam vents, refreshing your iron each time for a longer steaming life.

It Is very Important to operate the self-cleaning feature after each steam Ironing to prevent

mineral accumulations from hardening.

1. Check water level. Water level should be at 1/2 full mark.

When water level Is less than half full, fill with water according

to the instructions in "HOW TO FILL WITH WATER".

2. Preheat at" MAX" setting (for about 1-2 minutes).

Make sure that the Steam/Dry Selector Is In the Dry position.

3. Set the Dial to" OFF" and remove the AC plug.

4. Hold the iron horizontally over the sink.

5. Pump the "Jet of Steam Button " quickly (at leasts

times per second) about 20-30 times.

6. While self-cleaning, tilt the Iron up and down slowly to help clean

the entire Inside and let the water drip out of the soleplate vents.

7. Check that all water and steam have completely stopped coming out of the soleplate

vents. After self-cleaning Is finished, empty any remaining water from the Water

Reservoir by turning the iron upside down.

8. Iron on a towel to remove any drops of water remaining on the bottom of iron.

9. Allow the iron to cool and store on Its Heel Rest. Never store an Iron on Its Soleplate or

with water in it.

10. If water still remains Inside the Soleplate after self-cleaning operation, dry out the iron

by setting the iron on the" MAX" setting, to vaporize the remaining water. After the iron is

dry, follow the instructions under" AFTER EACH USE ".


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