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Before ironing, sort the garments according to the different heat settings required,

iron fabrics that require a iower temperature first.

Do not touch piastic buttons with a hot iron because they may meit.

Be careful around zippers and simiiar items to prevent the Soiepiate from being scratched.



Be sure the iron is unplugged from the electrical outlet before filling with water.

1. Move the Steam/Dry Selector to the Dry position to avoid water leakage.

Open the Water Fill Opening. Hold the iron as shown and fill the

iron with water up to" MAX" line (about 6.3 ounces/180ml).

Use a cup for filling (see Note).

2. Do not overfill. Check for the correct water fill level

with the iron in the vertical position.

3. Close the Water Fill Opening, or water will splash

from Water Reservoir when ironing.


Most tap water can be used in this iron. If water is very hard, distilled or demineralized

water should be used. Do not use water processed through home water softening

systems because this water contains minerals that may be harmful to the iron.

Do not use water additives or substitute water such as linen or scented water in the steam

iron. They can stain fabrics or damage the iron.


1. Fill the iron as described in " HOW TO FILL WITH WATER ".

2. Position the iron vertically and be sure the Temperature Selector Dial is set to " OFF

3. Plug the AC Cord into the electrical outlet.

4. Set the Temperature Selector Dial to the" " or "(steam) zone.


" zone: Low Steam, for thin or delicate fabrics requiring a small amount of steam.


" zone: High Steam, for fabrics requiring a lot of steam (i. e. thick materials, items with

stubborn wrinkles).

5. Preheat the iron until the Indicator Light goes out, usually about 1-2 minutes.

This Light will go on and off during ironing to indicate that the temperature chosen by the

Temperature Selector Dial is being maintained.

6. Hold the iron horizontally and move the Steam/Dry Selector into the steam position.

Steam/Dry Selector is regulated as follows.




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