Stay clean vents, Electronic 3-way auto shut-off function – Panasonic NI-S650TR Manuel d'utilisation

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(NI-S650TR/S655TR Only)

The built-in Anti Calcium System (Calc Cut) in the Water Reservoir continuously reduces scale

buildup in the vaporlzlno chamber of the iron.

This system makes it possible to use the steam function for a long period of time and prevents

steam vents from clogging.


( NI-S300TR/S650TR/S655TR Only)

The Auto Shut-Off feature (or setting the thermostat to OFF) is not intended to take

the place of unplugging the cord. Disconnect the electric iron when not in use !

Even though the iron is unplugged, the soleplate is still hot. Be sure to rest the iron

on its heel, away from fabric.

1. When the iron is not moved with its Soleplate facing down or on Its side for approx. 1 minute,

the Iron will automatically shut off power to the heater.

2. When the Iron Is not moved on its Heel Rest for approx. 10 minutes, the iron will automatically

shut off power to the heater.

3. To resume Ironing and turn the iron back on, simply move the iron in any manner. If the Iron

has been left in the auto shut off mode for more than 10 minutes. Allow the Iron to reheat

until the Indicator Light goes out.


The Auto Shut-Off System works regardless of position of the Temperature

Selector Dial.




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