How to use the 'jet of steam"feature, A caution – Panasonic NI-S650TR Manuel d'utilisation

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1. Simply pump the Spray Mist Button when spray is desired

If the spray doesn't work immediately, keep pumping

until it does.

2. To get a finer spray, pump the Button vigorously.

To get a more powerful spray, pump the Button more

slowly. For best results, use a quick, full stroke.


( NI-S300TR/S650TR/S655TR Only)

The"Jet of Steam"feature provides extra steam which goes deep into the garment and

is helpful for removing stubborn wrinkles. The "Jet of Steam" feature operates properly

only in the"

" indication area of the Temperature Selector Dial when steam or dry

ironing (If used at lower setting, water spotting will occur because the iron is not hot

enough to change water to steam). If you have not used the" Jet of Steam " feature

for a long time, it is necessary to clean the inside of the iron before using this feature

on any clothes to be ironed. Simply test the " Jet of Steam" feature several times

away from the ironing board and clothes to be ironed. This will prevent brown spotting

or water spotting on the clothes.

1. Fill the iron as described in "HOW TO FILL WITH WATER ".

2. Position the iron vertically and be sure the Temperature

Selector Dial is set to "OFF".

Plug the AC Power Cord into the electrical outlet.

3. Set the Temperature Selector Dial to the"


" indication area.

4. Preheat the iron until the Indicator Light goes out, usually

about 1-2 minutes.

5. Simply pump the" Jet of Steam Button " when steam is

desired. Pump the" Jet of Steam Button" several times

at the beginning of each ironing session.

6. Allow at least 2-5 seconds between uses of the "Jet of

Steam Button " to prevent water spotting. Use a press

cloth if necessary.


Do not use the "Jet of Steam Button " until the Thermostat Operating Indicator Light turns

off after setting the Temperature Setting Dial to " MAX". Hot water may leak from the

Soleplate and burns may result, and it may cause corrosion.




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