Cisco 3700 Series Manuel d'utilisation

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A printed version of this document is an uncontrolled copy.

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Cisco 2600 Series, Cisco 3600 Series, and
Cisco 3700 Series Regulatory Compliance and
Safety Information

This document provides domestic and international regulatory compliance and safety information for the
following routers:

Cisco 2600 series

Cisco 3600 series

Cisco 3700 series

This document applies to all Cisco products identified by numbers in the 2600 series, 3600 series, and
3700 series, including product numbers with letter suffixes, such as “XM.”

Use this publication with the quick start guide that accompanied your Cisco router, and with the
hardware installation guide that is available online and on the documentation CD-ROM that
accompanied your Cisco router. To be sure of obtaining the latest information, you should access the
online documentation.

You can also order printed copies of documents. See the

“Obtaining Documentation” section on page 75


This document contains the following sections:

Installation Precautions, page 2

ISDN-BRI Interface, page 2

Agency Compliance, page 2

California Perchlorate Contamination Prevention Act (Title 22, California Code of Regulations,
Chapter 33), page 8

Approval Information, page 8

Operating Conditions for Console and Auxiliary Ports, page 21

Safety Information, page 22

Obtaining Documentation, page 75

Documentation Feedback, page 76

Obtaining Technical Assistance, page 76

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