On cleaning the unit – Sony GPS-CS1KASP Manuel d'utilisation

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On cleaning the unit

Cleaning the unit surface
Clean the unit surface with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water,
then wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Do not use the following as they
may damage the finish or the casing.

Chemical products such as thinner, benzine, alcohol, disposable cloths,
insect repellent, sunscreen or insecticide, etc.

Do not touch the unit with the above on your hand.

Do not leave the unit in contact with rubber or vinyl for a long time.

Note on the location where you use the GPS unit

Do not use the GPS unit in an airplane.
The radio wave may affect the airplane and this may cause an accident
due to the malfunction of the airplane.

Note on applying position information to still images taken with
digital still cameras or digital video cameras other than Sony

If the still images are JPEG files compatible with Exif 2.1 or later, you
can apply position information to those images.
However, please note that the application of the position information to
still images cannot be guaranteed for cameras from all manufacturers.
We recommend that you save the images under different file names after
applying position information, or backup the images before processing.
Also please note that the functions which will be unavailable after
processing with the program depend on each manufacturer.