Using the unit, Record the gps log using the gps unit – Sony GPS-CS1KASP Manuel d'utilisation

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Using the unit



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Using the unit

Record the GPS log using the GPS unit

This unit can record your position and time (GPS log files) in the internal
memory. When you turn on the power, tracking starts, and GPS log
recording starts. The unit tracks the location automatically and records
the position every fifteen seconds after tracking starts.


Press the

(Power) button longer to turn on the unit.

Direct the antenna portion of the unit to the sky in open sky environments and
hold it for about a minute until the GPS lamp is in the tracking process.
The GPS lamp status differs as illustrated below depending on the operating
status of the unit.

When it is difficult to make tracking and while the GPS lamp is in
searching, direct the antenna portion of the unit upward and wait for a
while. If the unit cannot track even after waiting for five minutes, you
may be in a location where the radio signals from GPS satellites cannot
be reached. Try again in open sky environments.

(Power) button

While tracking*
flashes once slowly

GPS lamp

2 seconds

flashes once slowly

While searching*
flashes twice rapidly

1 second

flashes twice rapidly

Antenna portion

* searching: the unit is searching for the GPS satellites and GPS log recording

hasn’t started.


the unit is tracking and recording the GPS log.