On tracking errors – Sony GPS-CS1KASP Manuel d'utilisation

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On tracking errors

Error caused by position of GPS satellites
The unit automatically tracks your present location when the unit receives
radio signals from three or more GPS satellites. The tracking error caused
by the GPS satellites is about to ±10 m. Depending on the environment of
the location, the tracking error can be greater. In this case, your actual
location may not match with the location on the map based on GPS

Error during tracking process
This unit records position information every fifteen seconds.
When you have an image recorded at any moment other than the moments
when the unit records your position, the position information at that
moment can be provided using the supplied software “GPS Image
Tracker”. A rough position can be calculated by measuring the distances
between the locations before and after the image is recorded. In this case,
the actual position may not match completely with the location on the
map based on GPS information.

On error due to incorrect clock setting on a camera
When the clock setting on your camera is incorrect, you cannot apply the
correct position information to the images. The position information is
applied to the images based on the time information of the GPS log files
and the time stamps of the images. So if the time stamps are incorrect,
you cannot match the images with the GPS log files properly. Adjust the
clock setting of your camera properly. Refer to the operating instructions
of your camera on how to set the clock settings.

• For details on modification of the time stamp of the images, refer to the help files

of “GPS Image Tracker”.